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MiLEND, Inc. has served thousands of home buyers and home owners by providing them a common sense approach to the mortgage business. Since 1995, the mission has provided the foundation for MiLEND, Inc. to grow as we aim to consistently keep our customer's and partner's lives simple when purchasing or refinancing a home.
Avoid the germs with...
The SanitGrasp Antimicrobial Door Handle

NBC: Germs in the News


"Bathroom door handles are massively contaminated with fecal organisms."
- Mayo Clinic
"... 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch."
"Microorganisms on door handles can survive for up to two weeks and then be transmitted."
- MicroBiologist Dr. Jack Brown
"Door Knobs and handles in Public Restrooms are potentially the most troubling international source of public outbreaks and epidemics".
- Continental Medical Research
ARCHITECTS, CONTRACTORS, DESIGNERS, and OWNERS now have the advantage of being able to deliver more effective and sanitary facilities for their Clients.

Our patented, unique, hands-free design achieves a superior level of conformance to the ADA guidelines. Plus SanitGrasp has been designed to be a simple and cost-effective RETROFIT.

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